Healthy Dairy Breakfast: Yogurt vs. Cottage Cheese vs. Quark?

In the past, there has been a lot of noise concerning the health benefits of dairy products. Daily dose of calcium, protein bomb... you name it. Even if I was not so much a dairy fan myself, I still wanted to try this trend, especially breakfast-wise (the everyday oatmeal was getting dull and a bit … Continue reading Healthy Dairy Breakfast: Yogurt vs. Cottage Cheese vs. Quark?


Highlights of the Venice Art Biennale 2017

Venice in the summer, nothing may sound more romantic or magical. - Wrong. Having already been to Venice several times before,  I would not recommend the floating city in this season, i.e. unless heat and swarms of tourists equipped with selfie sticks are just your thing. Nevertheless, here I was, standing with my suitcase at … Continue reading Highlights of the Venice Art Biennale 2017

Discoveries at Gillman Barracks

GILLMAN BARRACKS is a former colonial style military camp located in Singapore. Once used as accommodations for soldiers, it is now a cluster of art galleries from all around the world. I went to visit this site on a rainy afternoon and I discovered, to my delight, quite some interesting and compelling art pieces. I am no professional … Continue reading Discoveries at Gillman Barracks

Things to Do at Marina Bay

MARINA BAY, who could not recognise this area? With the tall skyscrapers, the Opera, the lion fountain and the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel, designed by Moshe Safdie, Marina Bay is one of the many trademarks of Singapore. This area is a must to see and to walk around but remember, this is more a place … Continue reading Things to Do at Marina Bay

Art in the City: Singapore’s SAM

"Moooom I'm tired, daaad I'm hungry!" HOW MANY TIMES have we complained in our childhood to our parents about being dragged into endless museums where art pieces would be displayed one after another. I know what I'm talking about because I was one of those whiny annoying kids who went through with it only because I had been promised a … Continue reading Art in the City: Singapore’s SAM

Best Shopping Areas in Singapore

"SHOPPING must be one of Singapore's favourite hobbies" is what you think when you notice the unbelievable amount of shopping malls situated all over the country.  What is especially interesting is the different kind of shopping areas, whether they are big shiny complexes or simply authentic street markets. Malls are present everywhere and I mean it. Every neighbourhood has at … Continue reading Best Shopping Areas in Singapore

Arrival in Singapore

JUST ARRIVED in Singapore, aka the Lion city, in South East Asia. I haven't been here since about four months which doesn't seem like a lot, but to me it does because this is one of my old homes. Singapore is a dynamic country bursting with energy where you can find anything and also visit the whole … Continue reading Arrival in Singapore