A night in a French castle

HITTING THE ROAD on a holiday always gives me a sense of freedom and a spark of excitement for adventure. Planes are faster and more comfortable but travelling the old way helps to discover all those little charming places unnoticed by the overwhelming swarms of tourists.

We drove across France all the way from Geneva, Switzerland to Ile de Ré by the Atlantic coast in France.

If the road trip lasts more than one day (which was my case), a nice yet convenient place to stay for a good night of sleep seems like a good idea.

IMG_3163In my experience, chained-brand hotels nearby the highway definitely do not have much charm.

France is filled with lovely and authentic buildings left untouched. A lot of castles from the Middle Age have been renovated to accommodate guests who are passing by. Dining on the King’s table and sleeping in the princess’s bed leave some unforgettable memories.

Here is a website where you have to sign up as a member but that offers great deals for “vintage” places to stay overnight if you are intrigued by these unique accommodations: http://www.verychic.com/en/login.cms?redirectUrl=/fr/

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