Things to Do at Marina Bay

MARINA BAY, who could not recognise this area? With the tall skyscrapers, the Opera, the lion fountain and the famous Marina Bay Sands hotel, designed by Moshe Safdie, Marina Bay is one of the many trademarks of Singapore.

This area is a must to see and to walk around but remember, this is more a place for tourists and you won’t see the usual locals because this is part of the financial business district.

I know this area quite well because it’s where I lived while I stayed in Singapore (yes, you actually can live here). This is what I recommend which is worth doing.

  • If you like to walk/run:  Usually, in Singapore, people stay inside on a treadmill but for me Marina bay was my favourite running track. I’m not the only one, lots of other individuals pop on a pair of running shoes and exercise before or after work. Just be sure to go before 10am and after 5pm because the sun is brutal and can be dangerous.



  • If you like to shop: There aren’t that many shopping areas in Marina Bay as it is more of a working place but you can still find some. I’d recommend the Marina Bay Sands mall (The Shoppes). Situated under the Marina Bay Sands hotel, you can find known brands and even a food court! However, a lot of the stores are luxury and tend be pricey. If you want to go with the flow, join the business people for lunch at Raffles place where hidden malls and simple chain restaurants are located!


  • If you like to eat: There are cafes, mostly fancy, pretty much everywhere either outside or in the MBS mall. If you want a cultural and reasonable experience, head over to “Lau Pa Sat“. This place was the first hawker centre to exist in Singapore, there are simple food booths with different Asian food of your choice (my favourite is the satay, just saying) and if you don’t want to eat, it still is a spectacular sight: an old low-rise building in the middle of tall shiny skyscrapers.
  • If you want to take a cool pic: Who doesn’t want to take a breathtaking impressive photograph of Singapore? If you agree with me, head over to the Marina Bay Sands hotel and even if you aren’t staying the night, you can still head up the 57 floors to the cafe-bar Sky for a drink, mostly for the view, really. That expensive coke will definitely be worth it and who knows, it might even taste better! Sadly, the pool is reserved for hotel guests but having been there, I will say that the facility is more for taking pictures than swimming (and it is almost always crowded!).





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