Art in the City: Singapore’s SAM

“Moooom I’m tired, daaad I’m hungry!”

HOW MANY TIMES have we complained in our childhood to our parents about being dragged into endless museums where art pieces would be displayed one after another. I know what I’m talking about because I was one of those whiny annoying kids who went through with it only because I had been promised a rewarding donut at the end. Not many have the patience of a prodigy or art passionated child. However stuff like this can change.

With time comes maturity and strong interests in different things. Who would have thought that I would appreciate art after all this time? I guess spending all those hours actually did pay off.

Coming back to my main topic of this post which is about art in Singapore, I wanted to talk to you about what piqued my art interest while I was in this country.

I first went to visit the SAM, in more explicit words: Singapore Art Museum.

A beautiful white building situated in the middle of the city (MRT/subway station: Dhoby Ghaut), this foundation exhibits contemporary art.

There was a big exposition called “After Utupia” that was going on and I recommend going to see it if you are currently in Singapore. It is until the 18th October 2015.

In simple words, this exhibition shows contemporary art pieces by Asian artists most of whom represent the hardships and acknowledge the history of their country.

This collection is especially interesting because you learn about Asian culture and history in one art piece.



I liked this piece “Mon boulet” by Svay Sareth. The Cambodian artist demonstrates his past where he lived as a child in refugee camps due to the the Civil War happening in his country. He retakes a similar journey to “make peace with his past” by pulling a gigantesque shiny metal sphere of 80 kg across Cambodia. Talk about dedication!

There are many pieces each as interesting as another so I’d advise you to pick only a couple that catch your eye and concentrate on them so that they stay in your mind.

(link for more information:


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