Summer Body Ready? Easy Sweet Breakfasts Bowls

Sun’s out and birds are chirping.. With summer approaching, we all have to add one more thing on our “to-do” list: getting that summer body ready! Strict diets and strenuous exercise? Don’t fret, you can still get there without these restrictions and here are two of the best summer breakfasts (my personal favorites) to start out your day with a splurge of healthy energy.

Savoury Fruity Skyr 

Skyr has become my all-time favorite base for my breakfast bowls. Ever since I traveled to Iceland, I have fell in love with this  even “healthier” (is that even possible?) version of greek yogurt. So little calories and a huge amount of protein, I top this with fruit of all varieties (definitely recommend the juiciest types, i.e. mango, berries…). Tasty, light and yet so filling, I usually eat this on mornings where I have little time (so quick to make) and have done a strengthening workout (pilates/yoga). The high protein in Skyr will help muscle recovery and I guarantee that this will help you see that oblique abdominal line much faster.

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Tasty & Comforting Oatmeal

Oats has always been my go-to food and a must to have in the pantry. Breakfast, pre-workout snacks or even late evening munch, as a student I rely on these grains. I know that these are high carb food, yet they also have a high amount of fibre, stimulate digestion and gives you a comforting feeling while still being healthy (good bye chocolate fudge cake). Oatmeal is perfect if you wake up hungry or know that you need energy for the day. The only thing you should watch out with this staple food is the way of how you make you oatmeal as these can quickly turn into a dessert. This is my easy recipe to make a sweet but sugarless oatmeal:

  • Oats: there are many types of oats. I recommend the healthiest which are rolled oats and cooking them in boiled water on a stove. For a creamier texture, I then would seldom add 2-3 spoonfuls of steal-cut oats
  • Banana: I cannot eat my oatmeal without a banana. This add-on is crucial as it is the ingredient that makes the oatmeal sweet. Slice the banana in small pieces and stir it in the cooking oatmeal so that it melts in
  • Fresh Fruit: Any type of fruit is fine here. I guess for winter I sometimes add apples and even warm them in the oatmeal as well but for summer I would recommend to add fresh fruit on top of the oatmeal once it is ready.
  • Little extras: Pecan nuts, almonds, chia seeds, peanut butter and black chocolate… This is where you should watch out. Although many health sites advocate these “superfood” options, they aren’t going to be so healthy… Especially for your summer body. Extra food for no reason and some might even stimulate your hunger. If you really can’t go without this, try limiting the amount and.





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