Summer Body Ready? Easy Sweet Breakfasts Bowls

Sun’s out and birds are chirping.. With summer approaching, we all have to add one more thing on our “to-do” list: getting that summer body ready! Strict diets and strenuous exercise? Don’t fret, you can still get there without these restrictions and here are two of the best summer breakfasts (my personal favorites) to start out … More Summer Body Ready? Easy Sweet Breakfasts Bowls

Best Shopping Areas in Singapore

“SHOPPING must be one of Singapore’s favourite hobbies” is what you think when you notice the unbelievable amount of shopping malls situated all over the country.  What is especially interesting is the different kind of shopping areas, whether they are big shiny complexes or simply authentic street markets. Malls are present everywhere and I mean it. Every neighbourhood has at … More Best Shopping Areas in Singapore

Arrival in Singapore

JUST ARRIVED in Singapore, aka the Lion city, in South East Asia. I haven’t been here since about four months which doesn’t seem like a lot, but to me it does because this is one of my old homes. Singapore is a dynamic country bursting with energy where you can find anything and also visit the whole … More Arrival in Singapore