Top 5 Breakfast Superfoods

BREAKFAST is known to be the most important meal of the day. Good news, it’s also my favourite.

In my case, I always wake up hungry and cannot be productive without having taken a bite. Some people just can’t swallow anything but coffee in the morning, it’s just personal.

However, food is fuel for energy and to make out the best out of the day, getting enough and at the right times is important.

Here are my top 5 favourite foods that help me get out of bed and give me the energy to boost my morning. Notice I call them “Superfoods” in the title. This name means that the food listed below qualify as extremely healthy and filling but I won’t talk about their attributes as I am sure many other articles will tell you this with a more scientific jargon.

1. Grapefruit

IMG_3195Grapefruit is fresh and a vitamin bomb! I discovered this one recently. Even though I always was more of an orange fan, I got used to the bitter taste in no time and now I love it. This fruit is also very filling so it will prevent you from snacking on other unhealthy stuff later. What I usually do is I cut and eat half of it and then keep the other half for later. If I’m not feeling too lazy (which often is the case), I squeeze and juice it!

2. Oats IMG_3196

I noticed that a lot of websites and fitness articles mentioned oatmeal as one of the healthiest things to eat in the morning. I don’t really know how to make the classic oatmeal, let alone have the time to make it, so what I usually do is just warm a glass of milk and then simply mix with the oats whilst adding fruit, nuts or other condiments. I recommend using oat bran if you are looking for a softer texture resembling porridge. Rolled oats are fine but they will be more of a “muesli cereal mix”.


3. Chia seeds

No, of course I don’t eat chia seeds on their own. However, adding these on the “oatmeal” I mentioned earlier or mixing them with milk to obtain chia pudding have great effects on your health and tames your hunger. Superfoods are great, I tell you.

4. EggsIMG_3212

Omelette, scrambled or sunny side up? Eggs are easy to cook, and what’s more, is the number of ways you can cook them so it never gets boring! These protein bombs are one of the healthy dishes you can keep from the good ol’ american greasy breakfast. Enjoy them with some whole wheat toast or along some fruit and salad (if it isn’t too early).

IMG_31975. Whole wheat bread 

Many people say that bread is bad for you but somehow cutting out that loaf of bread, toast or croissant accompanying your daily coffee seems unthinkable. Luckily for us, not all types of bread are bad. Whole grain breads are actually good for you and frankly, I find the taste of whole wheat bread is the same (if not better after a while) as white bread. Changing this tiny detail will have great benefits whether for your figure or your skin.

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