Top 5 Breakfast Superfoods

BREAKFAST is known to be the most important meal of the day. Good news, it's also my favourite. In my case, I always wake up hungry and cannot be productive without having taken a bite. Some people just can't swallow anything but coffee in the morning, it's just personal. However, food is fuel for energy and to … Continue reading Top 5 Breakfast Superfoods


Healthy Easy Cookie Recipe

Cookies. Who doesn't love cookies? I  could live on them everyday. I never really was a top chef when it came to baking. Well, actually, I was (and still am) awful. Luckily for me, I found different cookie recipes from the Internet claiming to be "easy" and surprisingly, my beloved snack didn't turn out as … Continue reading Healthy Easy Cookie Recipe

A night in a French castle

HITTING THE ROAD on a holiday always gives me a sense of freedom and a spark of excitement for adventure. Planes are faster and more comfortable but travelling the old way helps to discover all those little charming places unnoticed by the overwhelming swarms of tourists. We drove across France all the way from Geneva, Switzerland to Ile de Ré … Continue reading A night in a French castle