Discoveries at Gillman Barracks

GILLMAN BARRACKS is a former colonial style military camp located in Singapore. Once used as accommodations for soldiers, it is now a cluster of art galleries from all around the world.

I went to visit this site on a rainy afternoon and I discovered, to my delight, quite some interesting and compelling art pieces. I am no professional art critic or “connoisseur”, but what I look for when walking around any gallery are the special pieces who are able to inspire and motivate the audience’s creativity and imagination.

There are a lot of different galleries at Gillman Barracks and all are interesting in their own way. However, there was one distinguishing artist who captured my attention.

Sun Xun Solo is exposing his pieces at the moment in the ShanghART gallery until the 4th of October 2015:







These last past years, there has been a boom in Chinese modern art and a lot of these art pieces have been gaining important value.

Sun Xun Solo comes from China and graduated from the Beijing Academy of Fine Arts. This inspiring artist paints in the spur of the moment, his pieces reflect a cultural and historical reality.

What I find particularly interesting are his wall paintings. That’s right, he paints directly on spotless-clean-white-don’t-touch gallery walls without even planning ahead! These spectacular walls are only made to accompany the artist’s paintings and are sadly (what a waste really) painted over once the exhibition is finished. I guess this is also what makes Sun Xun Solo’s work so strong, you can actually feel the intense passion behind it.

If you’re lacking creativity or motivation and you’re in Singapore, I would definitely recommend you to go check it out!

PS: We went to Mason’s Dining (which was right next door to ShangART gallery) for a refreshment which I recommend you to do because phew art is stimulating but sure can be tiring! And from 4-7 pm, it’s happy hour so we got discounts on drinks and free pizza samplings: yum.


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